Horses for Sale


  • SOLD! Tanqueray

    9-year-old 16.2H Trakehner Gelding

    Super record through the 2 Star Level. Ready to show another young rider the ropes.

  • Lenny SOLD! Catch Me If You Can

    14-year-old 16H Holsteiner Gelding

    A perfect gentleman in all ways. Would love to show an adult amateur or child how to love the sport of eventing.


    10-year-old 16.1H Dutch Gelding

    Lenny is a gem and ready to take a rider to whatever goals they may have. An in-your-pocket personality and a lovely ride.

  • Paolo SOLD! PAOLO

    8-year-old German Sport Pony

    Perfect in every day. He will make you smile 100% of the time. Can go in any ring, do dressage or event. They do not get better than this.


    10-year-old 16.1H Irish Sport Horse Gelding

    McG has a stellar record finishing in the top three at every event last year! Ready to teach his next junior or amateur the ropes of eventing.


    9-year-old 15.3H Holsteiner Gelding

    Successfully competed in his first two events finishing on his dressage score in the 20s. Brave xc with a super jump and incredibly comfortable on the flat!

  • Horse SOLD! TOUCHE

    5-year-old 17H Oldenberg Gelding
    An incredibly consistent record thru Training level, Tank has never had a xc fault! He is ready to move up to Preliminary in the spring and be competitive.


    4-year-old 16.2H Dutch Gelding

    Winner of the West Coast YEH 4-year-old Championships! Leo is a dream to ride and ready to win. Three incredibly comfortable gaits with a fabulous jump to boot!

  • horse SOLD! I’M JAGUAR

    6-year-old 16.1H Belgian Sport Horse Gelding
    A young rider’s dream! An impressive record thru Preliminary. He is incredibly competitive having scored a 17 at his last event! Easy to ride and ready to win!

  • sale horse SOLD! DAXTON RS

    5-year-old 16.2H Hanoverian Gelding
    Daxton has three lovely gaits – a wonderful partner to excel on the flat. He has competed successfully in eventing and loves to hack out on the trail.

  • Horse for Sale SOLD! MR FUNNY MAN

    6-year-old 15H Irish Sport Horse Gelding

    Rupert’s a small horse with a big personality! Can be competitive in any division. Super gaits with the jump to match! A perfect guy for a kid or small adult.


    10-year-old 16.2H Thoroughbred Gelding

    Moody is a wonderful lower level partner who can’t wait to show you the eventing ropes. Incredibly comfortable and forgiving.


    7-year-old 16.3H Selle Francais Gelding

    Denny has successfully gone Training and is ready to move up the levels. Uncomplicated and comfortable to ride. Fabulous jumper with three stunning gaits to boot!

  • Horse for Sale SOLD! BUSTER

    10-year-old 16.2H Trakehner Gelding

    Perfect for anyone wanting to learn the lower levels of eventing or dressage. Incredibly comfortable and a gentleman to ride. Easy over fences with three lovely gaits.

  • Horse for Sale SOLD! GLIDING CLASS

    11-year-old 16.3H Irish Gelding

    Bounce is an uncomplicated dream. Successful Intermediate horse but also happy at the lower levels. Scores in the 20s and is a super clean jumper.


    8-year-old 16.2H Thoroughbred Gelding

    Spartan would make a super Preliminary packer for any Young Rider or Adult looking to gain great experience and have fun! Ready to go Intermediate.

  • Flirtini SOLD! FLIRTINI

    10-year-old 16.2H Holsteiner Mare

    Willing and incredibly comfortable Novice packer with three nice gaits and a super jump to boot. Has successfully competed thru Training level but happy to teach a beginner.

  • Sale Horse SOLD! FRU FRU

    10-year-old 16.3H Hungarian Sport Horse Mare

    An amateur rider’s dream! Uncomplicated with light and comfortable uphill gaits. Showing Second Level with qualifying scores, also Training Level eventing.

  • Sale Horse SOLD! AQUILA

    4-year-old 16.2H Thoroughbred Gelding

    Exceptional brain for any amateur looking to bring along their next partner. Easy on the ground with the sweetest personality!


    13-year-old 16.2H Zwelbrucker Gelding

    A spectacular horse in all three phases- Sal finds his way to the jumps in perfect stride and form. A gentleman on cross country and never says no. He will take you to the one star level and beyond.

  • High Life SOLD! HIGH LIFE

    8-year-old 17.2H Holsteiner Gelding

    Ready to step into any ring. This scopey jumper is incredibly comfortable and uncomplicated to ride. Beautiful mover with an exceptional jump.

  • Vice Commander SOLD! VICE COMMANDER

    14-year-old 15.3H Thoroughbred Gelding

    Flame is a Preliminary packer and successful One Star horse. A barn favorite – easy going and super fun to have around the barn. Very consistent in dressage and a machine on cross country.

  • hotline SOLD! HOTLINE

    6-year-old 16.2H imported Dutch Gelding

    A fantastic opportunity to own a high quality Dutch horse. Hotline loves to jump and is easy in every way. He has the changes and is lovely to ride on the flat.

  • otter pop SOLD! OTTER POP

    8-year-old 17.1H Thoroughbred Gelding

    Otter is a successful event horse. Beautiful trot and a very balanced uphill canter. Always in the top after dressage and has a natural jump and gallop to boot!

  • bella SOLD! BELLA

    9-year-old 16.1H Dutch/Thoroughbred Mare

    Has gone Training and Prelim. Super easy and uncomplicated. Very easy to be around. Would make someone a fabulous partner! Suitable for all riding levels.

  • hattie SOLD! UNDER YOU HAT

    10-year-old 16H Irish Mare

    Successful event horse ready to teach someone the ropes and have fun. Also schooled thru Second Level. Easy to be around – honest and brave.

  • poppy SOLD! POPPY

    8-year-old 16.2H Irish Sport Horse Mare

    This stunning mare is lovely to ride, is not mareish and great on trails. Light work with no jumping. Impeccable breeding for a broodmare .

  • fernhill chillout SOLD! FERNHILL CHILLOUT

    7-year-old 16.2H Irish Gelding

    Ready to go and show with an amateur or junior looking to be competitive and have some fun! Has competed thru Preliminary and would suit anyone looking to run a one star.


    5-year-old 16.2H imported Dutch Gelding
    Ready to step into the any ring you want! – Jumper ring, performance hunters or smooth enough to be a top equitation horse. Also has the movement to do dressage and is brave enough to be a brilliant event horse.


    5-year-old 15.3H Irish Sport Horse Mare
    Jerry is versatile. This intelligent and willing mare has been professionally started and is reliable W/T/C on the aids. She jumps Xs as well! Green but generous.

  • Fiara SOLD! FIARA

    8-year-old 16.1H Hanoverian Mare
    This stunning mare is solid at First Level Dressage and schooling Second and Third Level. Very suitable for an amateur or kid with her comfortable gaits and forgiving attitude.


    10-year-old 16H Irish Sport Horse Mare

    This lovely, well-bred, athletic mare has been shown thru Preliminary Eventing. Flo also has wins in the jumper ring. Flo is a straight forward ride and is safe and forgiving. Sound, fit and ready to compete.


    9-year-old 16.1H American Warmblood Mare

    Callie will give you confidence while having fun! She is very capable at Novice and Training with 2nd level Dressage skills. She is excellent on the trail, comfortable to sit and easy in every way.


    9-year-old 16.2H Zweibrucker Gelding

    Stoney is a super gelding- comfortable to ride on the flat and over fences. Ready to walk into any ring with an adult or a child.


    5-year-old 16.1H Hanoverian Gelding

    Recently imported exceptionally talented prospect! Tons of scope and incredibly comfortable. Imported recently.

  • get loose SOLD! GET LOOSE

    6-year-old 16.1H Dutch Gelding

    Ready to step into any discipline this talented gelding is suitable for any rider looking to gain confidence in the show ring. Imported recently.


    8-year-old 16.1H Hanoverian Mare

    Tini has a superb 2016 Training level record with 3 wins and 1 second. Schooled thru Second Level with potential. Easy to be around and honest and brave. Suitable for a junior or amateur who wants to win.


    13-year-old 15.3H Warmblood Gelding

    Tico is the perfect mount for the intermediate amateur or junior rider who wants to be competitive at the medium levels in eventing, jumpers and dressage. With a happy, forward, “can do” attitude, he’s easy to have in the barn.

  • charming lady SOLD! CHARMING LADY

    12-year-old 16.1H RPSI Zweibrucker Mare

    Charm has three well balanced gaits with a flashy medium trot and lead changes! Solid Second Level and schooling Third Level Dressage. She is a willing jumper and also a very competitive lower level eventer.

  • circle SOLD! CIRCLE

    4-year-old 16.2H TB/Warmblood Gelding

    Circle is a gem to ride and has plenty of scope. He is ready for the career of your choice. Very comfortable to sit with three well balanced gaits. He loves to hack out and has excellent ground manners.


    15-year-old 14+H Connemara Gelding

    Knighty is the most amazing eventing pony ever. A true gentleman at shows, trail and at home. From Beg Novice through Training, he will be your best friend. Not a beginner pony but a competitor and teacher.

  • stakki SOLD! DD STAKKI

    6-year-old 16.1H German Sport Horse Gelding

    Stakki is recently imported from Europe. He is a super fun, amateur friendly, proven show horse. He is a careful jumper with stunning gaits and will excel anywhere you want to go! Current x-rays available.

  • fancypants SOLD! MR. FANCY PANTS

    10-year-old 15.3H American Paint Gelding

    Perfect in every way. Loves to jump and easy to ride on the flat. A great partner to learn on and grow with. He knows his manners on the trail and excellent on the ground.


    4-year-old 16H Hungarian Sport Horse Gelding

    Exceptional brain! Incredibly easy to work with and very forgiving! Suitable for a junior or amateur and quality enough for a pro. Comfortable and easy to sit with great form over fences. Recently imported.

  • lexus SOLD! LEXUS

    12-year-old 13.3H American Warmblood Mare

    Sadly outgrown, Lexus has been in Pony Club and evented at Beg. Novice. She knows her lead changes and will jump around a course on a soft rein. She is for a intermediate beginner. Also loves the trail and going to the beach.

  • midnight hour SOLD! MIDNIGHT HOUR

    12-year-old 16.1 Trakehner Mare

    Beautiful, athletic and well-bred (by Advanced eventing stallion Windfall out of the TB mare Military Mate). Competed through Training Level with amateur owner. Has had one foal and is young enough to have another.


    10-year-old 16.3H Thoroughbred Gelding

    Louie is a solid Training level eventer who is ready to make the move to Preliminary. He impresses the judges with scores in the 20’s,
    a flawless jumper with confirmed changes,
    and a ground covering gallop.


    10-year-old 16.3H Irish Sport Horse Gelding

    Nick is the perfect Training level packer. Very competitive in all 3 phases and super fun to ride. He has 3 easy gaits to sit to and is happy on the trail by himself or with friends. No vices, very easy to have in the barn.


    6-year-old 16.1H Thoroughbred Gelding

    Successful Training Level eventer. Sound, great feet and legs, no vices and a happy attitude. Perfect for the rider looking for a young, well-trained horse. Loads and travels well. He jumps carefully and with good form.

  • thunder SOLD! THUNDER’S HEAT

    8-year-old 16.2H Thoroughbred Gelding

    He has competed to the preliminary level and would love to show you the the ropes of eventing. He has an easy jump with lead changes and is happy to go on the bit. Goes on the trails and is happy to lead or follow.


    10-year-old 16.1 Irish/Thoroughbred Gelding

    Winner of the Intermediate at May Woodside and CIC2* at June Copper Meadows. Consistent in all three phases. Ready to teach a young rider or adult amateur the ropes of upper level eventing.

  • izzy SOLD! IZZY

    9-year-old 16H Oldenburg Gelding

    Izzy’s lovely, uphill, ground-covering gaits make him a solid dressage horse for the rider who wants to go up the levels. He has been schooled over courses at 3’6, does lead changes, and the distances are easy for him.

  • clover SOLD! CLOVER

    5-year-old 17.3H imported Holsteiner Gelding Stunning gelding, by Cassini II (full brother to Cassini) out of Leonie VIII. Clover has lovely movement and is steady with sharp form over fences. He is well started and on his way to being a superstar – you choose the discipline!

  • fire SOLD! FIRE

    7-year-old 16.2 Thoroughbred Gelding

    Exceptionally kind, good gaits, with a natural talent over fences. Shown Novice and ready to go Training, super match for a junior or adult amateur who is looking for a well mannered, handsome partner.

  • rudy SOLD! RUDY

    12-year-old 16H Thoroughbred Gelding

    Rudy can show you the ropes of jumping, play around in the dressage court or go for a relaxing Sunday hack. He lives to jump and has been eventing at the Prelim level. Rudy has always been known as the barn “sweetheart”.

  • jasper SOLD! JASPER

    12-year-old 16.1H Thoroughbred Gelding

    Jasper has excellent dressage fundamentals and is ready to be shown in the dressage arena. Jasper is also a pleasure on the trail. A beautiful moving, elegant equine partner that is also friendly, willing and uncomplicated.

  • mach ten SOLD! MACH TEN

    11-year-old 16.3H Am. Sport Horse Gelding

    Mach Ten is currently showing at Second Level dressage and winning his classes! He is calm, kind and dependable in the show ring and is good on the trail alone or in company.


    6-year-old 16.3H Thoroughbred Gelding

    Handsome and athletic, this flashy gelding has a lot to offer for anyone wanting to move up the levels. Huey has a gorgeous jump and is fun to work with. He is unraced, with good basics, and is ready to be shown.


    6-year-old 16.2H Imported KWPN Gelding

    Possessing three impressive and expressive gaits with a natural aptitude for dressage, Bugatti’s average score in recognized competition is 77+%. Currently at Second Level, he should move up the levels easily.


    14-year-old 13.2H Gelding

    Dancer has extremely fancy gaits, scopey jump and a great attitude. He has had a very successful career as a 3 Day Eventer. Dancer is suitable for an inexperienced amateur or a junior looking for a competition mount.